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MilanoCard is the tourist & travel card of Milan, includes free public transport, free personal driver and benefit for more than 500 services like 30 museums, tours, fine italian food, hotel, shops, events tickets and more.

Valid for 24h or for 3 days (48 hours of transport and 3days of benefit) entitle you to do everything in Milan for a very little price. And now MilanoCard offers more with services also in Lombardy and Rome, Florence and Venice for 1 month!
Discover also the MilanoCard PASS and the MilanoExpoCard. Click here

How does it works?

  • Buy the card online
  • Pick it up at your arrival (Airport or Railway Station)
  • Activate your card on public transport automatical machine
  • Show it at the affiliated services to use the benefit –
  • Save money and save time – do more!

After the payment you will receive an email with details, photo, map and contact of your pick up location.
The MilanoCard is personal and not transferable.  Children under 10 years are FREE

5 top reasons to get MilanoCard

  • Free Public Transport (Metro, tram, buses, city-trains).
  • Free Personal Driver (2 rides)
  • Free or discounted access to more than 20 museums and 500+ Services.
  • Dedicated Services for shopping, football culture, taste, wellness and Family.
  • Benefit also in Lombardy, Lakes region and Rome, Venice and Florence

More info here

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